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About Newton House Gin

Newton House Gin

The initial aroma is of a gentle sense of mint and English garden fragrances, inspiring thoughts of the fresh and bright flavors to come and the gin’s origin in the South Somerset countryside.

Once on the tongue the gentleness of pine from the juniper is further softened by peach and a hint of almond before blueberry deceives with an almost cassis like invitation, the coriander seed then providing a sharp citrus note.

Overall it whispers subtlety with a length and delicacy enhanced by an enjoyably long and fresh finish. The English grown distilled wheat spirit used as the gin’s base gives a long lasting flavour, allowing the bergamot to blossom providing a floral and citrus warmth before ending with a delicate white peppery finish. The Gin’s 43.2% ABV has been specifically rectified to ensure all flavours are maximised on the palate. This has been made possible by the careful use of the Newton House Estate’s spring water which has flowed, uninterrupted into the River Yeo for centuries. It is fresh, clear and unique…the perfect match for Newton House Gin.

Newton House Gin is the perfect pre-dinner sipper, working entrancingly well in a sweet Martini or with a dash of Fever Tree tonic and a bruised mint leaf.

The bottle details the history of Newton House, reflecting the exciting quality of the gin.

The bottle shape has been designed to work perfectly in any bar, or at home, with the slim but sturdy shape fitting elegantly on a shelf or snug on a speed rail, a large lip at the neck of the bottle, allowing for easy pouring by either the expert or the amateur, creating the perfect tipple.