Restored for Life

Restored for Life




Robin and Jane Cannon bought Newton House in 2007. The grade 1 listed Jacobean Manor was in a sorry state of decay and it took 10 years to complete the restoration and to breathe life back into the house and grounds. The book follows their restoration journey and also includes over 200 recipes, which were found in 3 recipe books which belonged to the house. A fascinating read.

The gin journey started after the book was completed and started with the idea comprising romance, hope, ambition and aspiration to create a gin inspired by some of the plants grown in the newly restored gardens and to turn around the decline which had almost turned Newton House to ruin. Robin and Jane wanted to salvage the dreams and memories of those who had lived and worked at Newton House for centuries making copious amounts of cider from the apples in the orchard, and to once again create an alcohol worthy of the incredible amount of English history which sits in the soil.

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